Why do we risk letting our original, creative selves fall by the wayside?

A person reaches out in the dark. Looking for success.
A person reaches out in the dark. Looking for success.
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At some point in our lives there comes a choice. Maybe it’s made consciously, maybe not; maybe early, maybe late. But at some point, we decide where we want to fit in. Who we want to become. What we want to do.

It’s time we took the plunge.

We read for all kinds of reasons. Whether we pick up a book to learn something new, see the world through someone else’s eyes or simply escape, reading is an immersive thing.

Well said, Riddhi! This piece really reminds me of a point from Seneca's On The Shortness of Life: we waste our time all-too-easily by preoccupying ourselves with productivity. There's no rush - you're so right. Yet the hype around being as productive and successful as possible, as quickly as possible, makes us forget this.

From a philosophy grad who made it through the madness.

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Philosophy tests your every assumption. By opening everything — the self, the mind, morality, society — to scrutiny, philosophy breaks down every belief you held, every mold you thought you fit into, before kindly asking you to put the pieces back together yourself.

Words, words, words, shot by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

My best guess is you’ve read a few pieces like this before. I know I have. That juicy title beckons you in and you fall for the promise that this article might just unlock the work you never knew you could write.

An Interview With Swedish Arthouse Director Jimmy Olsson, for Mouthing Off Magazine.

Image from Jimmy Olsson’s ‘Alive’.

Director Jimmy Olsson is no stranger to hard-hitting subjects. With past films exploring the plight of a migrant in the face of hostility (2nd Class) and a mother’s recovery from a car crash (Caesar), his most recent short film is no different. Alive, which premiered on Short of The Week and Vimeo’s Staff Picks last weekend, follows the disabled Viktoria’s search for intimacy.

The mistaken belief that makes our experience of depression worse.

Image by the author.

The first time depression hit, I didn’t know what was going on. I spent a handful of months living in a daze — doing normal things, seeing friends, working, but with a disconnect that I only really became aware of once the fog had started to lift. This is what life’s like, I remembered. Fuck. I hope that half-hearted limbo doesn’t come back.

And three easy ways to get them into your diet

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It’s that time again. Leaves turned brown and shedding; the air cold and misty; nights that arrive hours too soon. As we navigate the limbo between now and the festive period, one thing is for sure: the season for S.A.D. is well underway.

How Does S.A.D. Really Work, Anyway?


The pulsing, rogue city is everything I’m missing about travel post-Covid.

Photo by @marjanblan on Unsplash.

Take busy roads and alleyways, thick heat and noise, and you have Krakow in May.

Ben Bampton

Fresh off a philosophy degree, I now write about sanity, psychology and society.

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